PinePhone (Pro) Battery Charger Teardown

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PinePhone Battery Charger

I recently picked up this little battery charger made specifically for the Samsung J7 battery used by the PinePhone (Pro). It features:

  • A single USB-C port
  • Red/green status LEDs

Yeah that’s about it. Very simple, but that’s good.

Seems to work just fine, but for shits and giggles I decided to break it open. I figured maybe this could be useful to someone making their own charger.


For lack of better photos, here’s the original product picture from Pine64:

Product picture


This is the very simple PCB inside. It’s based around the MICRONE ME4057DSPG-N IC.


Here is a (somewhat poorly) translated copy of the datasheet.

The charging logic for this IC is as follows:

  • Under 2.9V, trickle charge at 1/10 IBAT
  • CC to 4.35V
  • CV at 4.35 until current falls to 1/10 IBAT
  • Off, showing (Green) STBY LED
  • If voltage drops to 4.16V, charging is resumed from the CC stage



From the datasheet, IBAT = 1100/RPROG, meaning the battery charging current is approx. 790mA or 0.26C of the original 3000mAh battery that comes with the PinePhone (Pro), and trickle & cutoff current is about 79mA.